The CPRF is asking for your solidarity

She needs your solidarity!
A politician activity in modern Russia, especially the one of opposition, involves not only the constant psychological pressure from the ruling authorities, but sometimes physical impact. The dictatorship of the administrative nomenclature, repressions, and persecutions have become the norm of political life. Courts, prosecutors, police are operating not only in law, but rather at the direction of authorities.
The situation with regard to opposition politicians is beyond the legal field in several regions, the laws do not work; basic human rights are being violated. As an example can be the authorities’ activities of one of the largest country regions – Kemerovo region – against the State Duma deputy, the secretary of the regional party organization Nina Ostanina.
Nina Ostanina has been four times elected to the Russian parliament. As a member of the Committee on Family, Women and Children she is actively fighting for social and political rights of women. She is the author of several laws on children and family protection. As an MP and party secretary Nina Ostanina strongly advocates for her voters. She openly criticizes the anti-people activities of local authorities, exposes corruption and injustice, which is due to do a people representative in the parliament. Of course such things are unacceptable for the local authorities and the governor, who was previously in the party, with the party support was elected to the parliament and was nominated to the current post. Now he cannot forgive Nina Ostanina that she remains true to her ideals, upholds the rights of the working people.
A campaign of slander, baiting and threats has been launched against her. There have been acts of physical pressure against the MP and members of her family. Just a few facts: this May and August car accidents were organized against her, as the result of one of them her son was severely injured.  For the participation in rallies and protests, due to brave words in mass media and parliament Nina Ostanina has been repeatedly declared to be an extremist, against her five criminal cases have been framed-up.
We appeal to you, dear friends, to come out in support of Deputy Nina Ostanina. Please, send your letters of support to our address: She needs your solidarity.
Some of you should remember her from joint participation in the international seminar of Communist and Workers’ parties “The role of Communists in the struggle for the parity and emancipation of women” this March in Brussels.
All-Russia Women’s Union “Hope of Russia”
International Department of the CPRF Central Committee