Citizens of liberated Genichesk
saved and restored the monument to V. Lenin

Monument to the founder of the Soviet state and the leader of the Bolshevik Party – V.I. Lenin was restored in Genichesk, Kherson region, on the eve of his anniversary.

Installation of Soviet communist monuments in Ukraine has been prohibited by decommunization laws since 2015  and resulted in demolition of  all monuments to V.Lenin in the country.

But in Genichesk the local people demonstrated respect for the leader of the world proletariat by keeping his monuments in their yards, in warehouses even  some of them were buried in the ground.

Recently, everything has been drastically changed in the course of a special operation leading to the liberation of the territory of Genichesk where  the acting head of the district decided to restore the monument to the forthcoming  anniversary of  V.I. Lenin as well as  hanging  the Victory Banner on the administration building.

But not everyone was happy with  the return of the monument. After its reinstallation the Mass media was full of reports about criminal investigation launched by the Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine launched into crime of installation of the monument to V.I. Lenin, this fact once again confirmes the inextricable link between anti-Sovietism and Russophobia.