The People of Ukraine Must Not Be a Victim of World Capital and Oligarchic Clans. Statement of the CPRF CC Presidium

The militarization of Eastern Europe after the dissolution of the Warsaw Treaty is a fact. Washington’s aggressive designs were demonstrated in the process of destruction of Yugoslavia. The plans of the US and its NATO satellites to enslave Ukraine must not be realized. These aggressive plans create critical threats to the security of Russia. Simultaneously, they blatantly contradict the interests of the Ukrainian people.

The USA seeks to increase its competitive advantages in the global world at all costs. It is not deterred by the fact that sanctions against Russia, torpedoing of Nord Stream-2 and the threat of war in Europe spell heavy economic losses for eurozone countries. It is particularly important for the peoples of the world to become aware of the adventurous nature of Washington’s policy and recall the experience of broad anti-war movements. The unfolding of such a movement would ensure solidarity with the peace-loving peoples of Russia and Ukraine and protect their right to independent development.

The CPRF proceeds from the need to dismantle the results of many years of efforts to Banderize Ukraine. Real policy on its territory is in many ways dictated by rabid nationalists. They terrorize Ukrainian people and foist on the authorities an aggressive political course. By caving in to this pressure Zelensky betrayed the interests of his fellow-citizens who had elected him as a president of peace in Donbass and good-neighborly relations with Russia.

In the situation when the Russian Federation has taken a stand in defense of the people of Donbass, it is necessary to render every possible assistance to refugees and the civilian population of the DPR and LPR. We call on our society to render them all the necessary succor and support.

Coercing Kiev provocateurs into peace and restraining NATO aggressiveness has become the bidding of the time. Only demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine can ensure lasting security for the peoples of Russia, Ukraine and the whole of Europe. We consider it important to make wide use of the methods of people diplomacy and humanitarian cooperation in protecting peace and preventing the resurgence of Fascism.

The strategic position of the CPRF is well-known: the main guarantee of peace, creative endeavor and development is movement down the path of social progress and social justice, the path of socialism.

Chairman of the CC CPRF    

Gennady Zyuganov