CPRF is number 1 !

As a result of the drawing of places in the ballot voting paper for the forth coming elections of the State Duma Parliamentaries (September 19, 2021), held on August 16th by the Central Election Commission of Russia, the CPRF is at the top of the voting list.

This time all the tricks of the ruling party failed. The Communist Party “clones” striving to confuse the voter and draw the votes from CPRF are closer to the end of the list.

The places on the ballot were distributed as follows:

1. Communist Party of the Russian Federation.
2. Russian Ecological Party “Greens”
3. Liberal Democratic Party of Russia
4. “New People”
5. “United Russia”.
6. “Just Russia – For the truth”
7. “Yabloko”
8. “Party of Growth”
9. Russian Party of Freedom and Justice
10. Communists of Russia
11. “Civil Platform”
12. “Green Alternative”
13. “Rodina”
14. Russian Party of Pensioners for Social Justice