CPRF expresses its solidarity to the Paris communards

On March, 18th, 2021 CPRF Moscow city branch initiated a videoconference dedicated to the 150th Aniversary of the Paris Commune: “The Paris Commune: the will of the people and the capitalist reaction. Different times, same methods.” Over 80 foreign participants from all-over the world joined the on-line conference.

The comrades from the French communist Party organized on-line broadcast as they were laying floral tributes to the Communards Wall at the cemetery Cimetière du Père Lachaise .

In the course of the conference the floor was given to many representatives of the world left movement. The Communists from France, Argentina, Lebanon, Germany, China, Hungary, Brazil, Philippine, Great Britain and many other countries as well as distinguished figures of the left movement paid tribute to the feat of the Paris communards who rebelled against capitalist exploitation. Participants shared the view, that the Commune, being one of the most significant example of successful proletarian revolution, has taken many very important steps that us, communists are fighting for nowadays. Among those: granting social rights to citizens, establishing qual pay for men and women, introducing free education.

At the same time, they shared the view that the lack of consistency in the actions of the progressive forces allowed the bourgeoisie to defeat the Paris commune. A similar pattern is observed today.

Russian and foreign communists gave examples of the repressions that the country authorities and bourgeoisie are developing against the working people and political Parties and Movements that defend their interests. The representative from Lebanon mentioned, for example, that the practice of writing down all people who oppose the government policy, supporting the “globalist” expansion as “terrorists” has become widespread in his country. At the same time, international capital is creating terrorist groups with its own hands, later using them as a tool for implementing the global strategy of “controlled chaos”.

The Chairman of the Socialist People’s Front of Lithuania, G. Grabauskas, spoke in detail about russophobic moods and the political persecution of opponents in the Baltic States.

Comrade V. Rashkin, State Parliament Deputy from CPRF shared his vision on the problems CPRF members are facing nowadays, especially on the edge of the elections. Valeriy Rashkin insisted that only CPRF suggests the real way to solve many problems that our country is now facing.

Y. Yermalavicius, the former co-Chairman of the CP of Lithuania within CPSU, former political prisoner and still “persona non grata” in Lithuania, Secretary of the UPC-CPSU Council, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, concluded the discussion, stressing that the policy of the bourgeois governments had brought humanity into a standstill and the only possible way out of this situation, according to V. Lenin, is strive to build socialism everywhere.

In the end of the conference, all the participants sang the “International

International department of the CC of the CPRF.