We once again call for your support of Pavel Grudinin

Dear comrades and friends!

We once again call for your support of Pavel Grudinin, the Head of “Lenin Sovkhoz”, People’s Enterprise located in the Moscow region which is considered as one of the best agricultural enterprises in Russia and bears the name of “an island of socialism” amid a sea of capitalist lawlessness. Due to the socialist system of management he could provide his employees with the full set of social guarantees, including bonuses, medical care and education.

Thanks to his skilful efforts Sovkhoz, which remains the last survived among 15 similar ones in the Moscow Region, became a territory of “social optimism”, an example to be followed.

We have already published a number of statements and articles with full details of the situation in the enterprise which affects the destiny of thousand workers and veterans, their family members and relatives.

Pavel Grudinin, the candidate of the CPRF and the National Patriotic forces of Russia in the last presidential campaign became the second with support of about 9 million voters.

In the course of the presidential campaign of 2018, due to his political preferences, Pavel Grudinin has experienced all possible means of pressure and outright harassment in the Media. Now he is about of loosing his most cherished life’s work – the “Lenin Sovkhoz”, what inevitably strikes destinies of thousands of people leaving them jobless and destitute.

After series of courts characterized by flagrant procedural violations the real threat of destruction of one of the best Russian agrarian enterprises has really appeared.

The stage is being set for a hostile takeover of the enterprise which owns 2,000 hectares of land outside Moscow. If the enterprise is destroyed, hundreds of employees will inevitably lose their jobs for the sake of rental houses to be built on fertile land.

We have every reason to believe that the persecution of Pavel Grudinin primarily has a political context. In a recent opinion poll conducted by a reputable Agency, Grudinin was ranked seventh in the list of the most popular politicians in Russia. It is clear that the ruling party of Russia, the United Russia, is seriously concerned about the possibility of another popular leader appearing in the opposition.

Obviously, the recent situation around the “Lenin Sovkhoz”, including the trials looks like a well-organized raider attack aimed at getting access to so much desirable land on one hand and on the other – to eliminate a really dangerous political opponent.

If this happens the land ownership transfers to Vladimir Palikhata a well-known raider and his business partner Dmitry Sablin, United Russia parliamentarian. Both are operating with approval of Andrey Vorob’yov, Moscow region Governor and very much interested in getting almost two thousand hectares of land near Moscow with estimated value of at least 80 billion rubles for consequent redevelopment.

So, that is the back ground of “necessary” court decisions taken for the benefit of entrepreneurs from the Ruling party.

The CPRF strongly condemns the state and judicial arbitrariness towards Pavel Grudinin and demands an immediate stop of raider’s attack on the enterprise.

Dear Comrades, we ask for your assessment of actions of the authorities as well as the legitimacy and validity of Court decisions being taken with regard to Pavel Grudinin and send by e-mail to http://letters.kremlin.ru/and to the CPRF, inter@kprf.ru.

CPRF CC Presidium