100th anniversary of the Great October socialist Revolution

Dear comrades!

100th anniversary of the Great October socialist RevolutionThank you for your letter and the interest you have demonstrated towards the remarkable event – the 100th anniversary of the Great October socialist Revolution.

In commemoration of this historical date early in November 2017 the Communist party of the Russian Federation plans to hold a number of festivities and political events that will take place in many cities of the Russian Federation.

Numerous letters have come to the CPRF from activists of different countries expressing their desire to participate in them and pay tribute to this historical event.

We are accumulating the information to prepare proposals and recommendations for the guests.

Having the best possible understanding of their number, we will be able to arrange their participation in the upcoming celebrations.

In this regard, please inform us in advance about the number of the members of your organization who intend to visit Moscow on November 5 – 7, 2017.

We would appreciate any information about activists of other left organizations, planning a trip to Moscow and St. Petersburg to take part in festivities dedicated to the100th anniversary of the Revolution in November 2017 as well as their contacts.

Our e-mail: Moscow.Communist.Interbrigade@gmail.com

Fraternal greetings,

Bureau of the Moscow Communist Interbrigade at the Moscow city Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.