Israeli attack on Syria is the challenge to Russia! The Statement of the CPRF Central Committee

Press service of the CPRF Central Committee 08/05/2013 05:13pmIsraeli Attack - Syria

A few days ago Israel launched air strikes on Syrian territory. These attacks can be assessed only as an act of aggression against a sovereign state. The UN Charter qualifies aggression as the gravest crime against peace.

Such actions were only possible due to the fact that Tel Aviv for decades brazenly violates international law. It conducts aggressive wars against neighboring states. Roughly ignores the UN Security Council’s resolutions by continuing its occupation of Arab territories, preventing the return of millions of Palestinian refugees to their homes. All this increases the tension in the Middle East, hinders the achievement of peace and stability in the region.

This policy, including attacks on Damascus, Tel Aviv may only carry out through the unconditional support and with the full consent of Washington. This creates a sense of impunity for aggressor and pushes it to new larger-scale provocation.

This is no accident. America is the one, which in an effort to achieve global domination is increasingly shifting from the political and economic forms of struggle to the use of military force against countries that do not share its alleged democratic values.

The objects of such a policy have become Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. Syria has been appointed to the role of the next victim. But the heroic resistance of the people do not allow for these plans. Israeli attack on Damascus is an attempt to rescue failing operation to overthrow the legitimate government of Syria, which for more than two years the NATO countries and their allies in the Middle East have been leading by hands of hirelings from around the world.

Air strikes on Damascus indicate a close coordination between the Israeli army and gangs of hirelings, terrorists, including supporters of “al-Qaeda”. On the surface the Jewish state and Islamic extremism are bitter enemies, but in fact we can talk about the interaction of these forces.

The CPRF strongly condemns the new escalation of violence and lays on Tel-Aviv and its patrons all the responsibility for the possible dire consequences of the intervention against Syria.

The CPRF considers that the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation between the USSR and the Syrian Arab Republic of October 8, 1980, is still in effect, and our country has the right to take the necessary measures to protect the integrity and sovereignty of its ally. Given the provision of the West financial, political and other support to the hirelings, as well as the constant tightening of sanctions by the European Union, Russia could provide greater assistance to Syria by arms of a defensive character.

The CPRF believes that Russia, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council should demand the convening of the Council meeting for the adoption of the resolution, which requires Israel to stop the aggression against Syria and the neighboring countries, particularly Lebanon.

Syria is not the first, and obviously not the last victim of the global expansion of the U.S. and its NATO allies. Events of the past twenty years show that Russia is also at crosshair. Therefore, our country borders’ protection passes through the Syrian cities, which have become now the scene of fierce fighting. The Russian side should not turn a blind eye to the subversion of America and its satellites directed against our allies, limiting only by political and diplomatic statements.

Under circumstances of an undeclared war against friendly Syria it is in the long term interest of Russia to give a more adequate response, in order to stop the military intervention in the internal affairs of a sovereign UN member state.

Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee

G.A. Zyuganov