Hands off the people’s sacred!

G.A. Zyuganov, Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee.
Hands off the people’s sacred!
Statement of the All-Russian meeting of the CPRF regional committees’ secretaries
The beginning of 2011 in Russia was marked by a new war stage against its historical past. This time, the party “United Russia” has openly loosened the campaign. On its official site the statements by a number of the “UR” representatives vested with parliamentary powers have been placed almost simultaneously. Again sacred to our people the necropolis near the Kremlin and its heart – the Lenin Mausoleum has been attacked. The tone of the “US” statements, the ones by Medinsky, Schlegel and Shchitov, is startling in its cynicism, and the naturalism of grave-diggers, savoring this issue, raises doubts as to their mental health.
As happened more than once, the attacks on the Soviet past by the “ruling party” are not caused by other than new and new failures in the economy and politics. Under the rhetoric of modernization and innovation it has demonstrated its incompetence and complete impotence in the face of the usual Russian winter. Many Russians celebrated the New Year in the darkness, and as a gift from the authorities received another round of growth rates for utility services and the jump in food prices. New Year’s news was a massacre in the village Kushchevskaya and riots in the capital.
Russia suffers major defeats in foreign policy as well. Thus, the contract with the USA on strategic offensive arms has become a new blow to our security. As the CPRF has warned, anti-state policy of the “United Russia” on the Katyn issue also entails serious consequences. Today, it has resulted to the fact that the crash of the Polish president’ jet at Smolensk is used by certain forces to demand from Russia a new repentance, contrary to the data.
On the background of the total failure the “United Russia” will have to go in the current year’s State Duma elections. Nothing good expects the “ruling party”. In these circumstances, it again falls back on a long-worn trick: trying to blame predecessors, allegedly having left it with a heavy legacy. Once again every possible effort has been made to block out heroic pages of the Soviet history, and to blame the leaders of the Soviet Union in incompetence and greediness of today’s officials. All of this is vile, stupid and weird, but taken together is called absurd.
Unfortunately, in unison with the political instigators and extremists, some clergymen have come out. We are convinced that their position is a personal opinion and not supported by the majority of Orthodox Russians. Russian Orthodox Church has always honored with a special focus relics of their saints. The issue of the Lenin Mausoleum it has always approached sensibly and responsibly, urging not to take decisions that entail social upheavals.
There is no doubt that political maneuverings will not succeed. Despite all the tricks, the voters will evaluate the deeds of the “United Russia” accordingly. And history will put everything in its place, and the era of the Soviet government will enter in future textbooks as the time of our country’s highest take-off. But the current hard times will defame the names of provocateurs. The current period of Russian history would be called by descendants as just a new distemper.
We, the communists, strongly recommend that the hotheads of the “ruling party” slacken their political extremism. The CPRF position is supported by millions of our constituents. Any attempt to violate the law, mock domestic history and administer political provocations will be met by the deserved and hard resistance.
On behalf of the meeting
Recently the information field has been stirred up by the “United Russia” member Vladimir Medinsky, who without picking up phrases and techniques is making efforts to revive the theme of the burial of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. At the request of various media First Deputy Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee, Vice-Chairman of the State Duma Ivan Melnikov addressed the issues related to the actions of Medinsky and other members of the ruling party.
– What is the CPRF opinion: Do we need to bury the body of V. Lenin?
– The position of the Communist Party in relation to the Lenin’s reburial remains and will remain the same – we do not accept either the idea or the argument under which this idea is being urged.
In due time Lenin was buried in the Mausoleum by a decision of the supreme body of the USSR state power – Congress of Deputies, which fulfilled the will of the people. His body is at rest, as it is common for Christian, Orthodox canons, below ground level by two meters. In the capitals of European Christian states exists such tradition of open access to the graves of the great figures of history, and citizens are given the opportunity to express respect to their memory. In addition, the pantheon of great men of the Soviet era is a continuation of a long tradition of folk and state.
Today we are witnessing the capitalist model cracking, the one we have all seen and are seeing now at the example of the economic crisis. And against this background the interest to the figure of Vladimir Lenin is not even decreasing, but in contrast, increasing. His popularity was confirmed during the contest “Name of Russia”, which took place several years ago. There is no ground, no reason to change anything: such a theme simply does not exist in society, it is inflated artificially by individual politicians to divert attention from the specific, acute problems.
– What do you associate with the resumption of debate on the reburial of V.I. Lenin now?
– The theme of Lenin’s reburial repeatedly arises for two obvious reasons for me. Firstly, the formal one: the ruling party and some of its representatives, are fond of coming into the flow of information that surrounds any date associated with Vladimir Ilyich, whether it is the day of his death, birth, or November 7. They hate that during these dates the CPRF is in the forefront, and they want to run up with their fly in the ointment. Secondly, the content one: the same ruling party and some of its representatives feel very comfortable using the resonant themes in order to divert people from specific problems, be it the rise in prices and tariffs or inter-national inconformity.
These are two main reasons, and there is a moral dimension. Usually people, who are unable to achieve anything in creation, work up a reputation by attempts to debunk the big names of the past. This is also within this series. Once all this is usually futile. And in this very case it is even more futile.