Enough to bend to America!

Enough to bend to America!
Statement by the Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee G.A. Zyuganov
Press Service of the CPRF Central Committee
Russian authorities enthusiastically strain after strengthening the cooperation with the United States firmly believing in its friendly intentions. But the conduct of our new “friends”, as exemplified by the recent “spy scandal”, has little resemblance to a friendly one.
Note that the scandal erupted immediately after the Russian President’s visit to the USA. That is “a boulder through the window” of Russia was prepared beforehand. And this despite the fact that in recent months our party has made major concessions to America. In particular, the purchase of 50 “Boeings” for “Aeroflot” was announced, and once again the import “Bush’s legs” was allowed. Note that these arrangements are exclusively for the benefit of overseas producers and destroy our agriculture and aviation industry. It must be said also about the support on behalf of the Russian leadership, in spite of the geopolitical interests of the country, of the sanctions against Iran, as well as the “gas war” with Belarus arranged on the eve of Medvedev’s visit to the USA. Russian elite in their desire to please America continues to commit every time new concessions, pushing away a few of our remaining allies, and in return they receive “gifts” such as “spy scandal”.
Americans do this to Russia permanently. Take, for example, the supposed failure of the U.S. missile defense deployment in Poland. Then jumping for joy Moscow announced waiver of response. But today the Americans are placing in Poland, right next door in Russia, their air missile system “Patriot” and preparing there a deployment of most modern SM-3 missile complexes.
Regarding the recent tour of Hillary Clinton round Eastern Europe and the Caucasus, the statements made during her visits to Ukraine, Poland, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia, were clearly of anti-Russian character. In particular, the U.S. Secretary of State assured Tbilisi that Washington still considered South Ossetia and Abkhazia being part of Georgia, and the presence of Russian troops there as the occupation. Her trip was certainly the continuation of the campaign of knocking up anti-Russian bloc, which has long actively involved the Baltic countries as well.
As you can see gratification of America does not make Russia any good. So far the USA does not even deign to abolish discriminatory Jackson-Vanik amendment existing since 1974. But the Russian authorities with remarkable tenacity go on striving “to meet” the West. However, the line of political overtures and endless concessions is disastrous for Russia. We see in the current RF foreign policy dangerous signs of “Gorbachevizm”. Do I need to remind you that Gorbachev’s endless concessions led, ultimately, to the collapse of the Soviet Union?
The CPRF believes that Russia should regard unfriendly actions of the USA as offensive ones, and is obliged to take appropriate measures of response. One could, for example, reject “Bush’s legs”, the import of which destroys Russian poultry production just starting to revive. Besides, they are dangerous to human health. The refusal to purchase “Boeings” would be a good help for the revival of the Russian aviation industry. We also need specific, explicit measures with the relation to the deployment of U.S. missile bases in Poland.
Counterstand to the infringement upon national interests is fully consistent with centuries of international practice. A country showing a lack of determination inevitably becomes the object of ever greater abuse. Thus a fitting rebuff to unfriendly acts is the essential part of the foreign policy of any self-respecting nation. For example, our Chinese friends, no doubt, would have taken stringent measures in case of discriminatory actions of U.S. partners. China’s leadership has the political will to defend firmly national interests.
But the ruling elite of Russia do not have such a will. And it is not surprising as by its class composition the current authority of Russia is “the chaperon” of world’s oligarchic capital.
Apparently hence it comes the pliability of the Russian elite regarding directly hostile U.S. actions. Therefore, high-profile foreign policy declarations of Russian leadership on protection of national interests, as a rule, are not backed by concrete actions.
The CPRF condemns such foreign policy and demands to stop humiliation and devastating for Russia bending to the West that is perceived by our new “friends” as our readiness to go on climbing down.
Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee
Gennady Zyuganov