CPRF send its greetings to Jordanian Communists

Moscow, July 14, 2010
To the Delegates of the 5th Congress of the Jordanian Communist Party  
Dear Comrades,
The Presidium of the CPRF Central Committee warmly welcomes you, the delegates of the 5th Congress of the Jordanian Communist Party, all Communists of your country. You are not only to summarize the party activity, but also to determine the tactics and strategy of the fight for the future.
Today we, Communists, are facing new challenges. We are operating under global economic crisis. This requires us to search for new forms of struggle in defense of workers’ rights.
You, Jordanian Communists, are active participants in the struggle of your and other Arab countries people against imperialist aggression in the Middle East. You stand against constant attacks of the Israeli machine; support the just struggle of the Palestinian people. In this fight, you can rely on the steady support of the Russian Communists.
Dear Comrades,
We wish the 5th Congress of the Jordanian Communist Party every success. We are confident that the decisions to be adopted will strengthen the party, increasing its role in Jordanian society.
Yours fraternally,
Presidium of the CPRF Party Central Committee