Statement on new anti-communist attacks on the CPBM

Statement by the CC of the CPRF on new anti-communist attacks on the Communist Party of Bohemia – Moravia
Russian communists flatly condemn the new anti-communist escalation in the Czech Republic regarding the efforts of the Czech Senate on suspending the activities of the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (CPBM). It was the same group of Czech parliamentarians that earlier initiated the ban of the Czech Communist Youth Union (KSM).
The anticommunist hysteria that burst out a few years ago in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe is still going on. The reactionary forces want to strike at the vanguard of the people’s movement and its struggle against the anti-people plans and the attempt to place on the workers’ shoulders the burden of the world crisis. They want to eliminate the challenge to the exploitative system and the prospect of a just society, expressed by the ideology and the struggles of communists.
The offences against the CPBM disclose once again the main aim of capitalists, their organizations and their parties – that is to erase from peoples’ conscience and especially from youth’s the only alternative to capitalism, socialism.
The CPRF condemns system intimidation of opposition leaders and activists, political vandalism that is developing into terrorism, and calls on the authorities of the Czech Republic to stop the bacchanalia of violations of democratic norms, civil rights and freedoms being guaranteed by the constitution.
We would like to express our solidarity with the CPBM and we press for immediate stop of all activity against communists of the Czech Republic.
We call for the communists all over the world, for all people of good will to give strong and massive response to these anticommunist attacks.
The CPRF Central Committee
December 25, 2009, Moscow