On the 130th anniversary of the I.V. Stalin’s birth

On December 21 to commemorate the 130th anniversary of the I.V. Stalin’s birth the ceremony of laying flowers to the Stalin grave at the Kremlin wall in Moscow was held. More than five thousand of Muscovites and guests of the capital city came to pay tribute to the leader of the Soviet Union The ceremony was attended by the Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee G.A. Zyuganov.
On the same day the gala evening dedicated to the anniversary was held in a crowded concert hall of “Izmailovo” complex.
Both Muscovites and guests from many Russian regions were among the participants of the commemorative event. All of them have been united by the name of I.V. Stalin, and besides not only veterans, the older generation, but also young people, who know about the Stalin era only by hearsay.
The Secretary of the CPRF Central Committee D.G. Novikov opened the evening. He stressed that the dispute between capitalism and socialism just began in the 20 century. The revival of socialist ideals and their ultimate victory is inevitable. Therefore, 130th anniversary of the Stalin birth is a new stage of struggle for our common future.
The documentary “The Builder of the Soviet power” was shown in the hall. Viewers saw unique newsreels, heard I.V. Stalin’s living voice.
Then the Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee G.A. Zyuganov took the floor.
Addressing the participants the CPRF leader said that the 20th century was the century of Lenin and Stalin. V.I. Lenin was the first in History to propose the theory of socialism building, “a paradise on earth”, where the working man would have been the real master. He managed to create a party of new type, which under incredibly difficult circumstances won and came to power as a result, in effect, of bloodless revolution. Within five years he proposed four policy options: from military communism, the surplus appropriation system and agricultural tax in kind to the NEP, which just before eyes set the country on its feet. Lenin put forward the electrification plan, the real breakthrough to the highest technology of that time.
Stalin took Lenin’s baton, and, as his true disciple, made a huge step forward. In the late twenties, we almost made no airplanes, cars, tanks and tractors. Stalin within the first five-year plan, together with the Soviet Union built 1,500 plants and 100 new cities. By the time they were the best plants, which used the best technology and most advanced engineering solutions.
The tragic and crucial 1941 we met with the best T-34 tank, the best rocket system BM-13 and the best battle-plane Il-2. Our people won because there arose another generation of youth. The Soviet school managed to raise the soldier that bravely and fiercely fought on all fronts. We won, primarily because of peoples’ friendship. We were not divided into Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Tatars. We won because we were united. Long live the friendship between our peoples, brought up by Lenin and Stalin!
In conclusion Zyuganov said: We, Communists, vow to all the peoples of our country that we will surely further continue the best traditions of Lenin and Stalin on the strengthening of friendship and brotherhood under the Red October Banner! Russia will once again be great and a socialist!
The culmination of the solemn evening was awarding party cards to young Communists. Among them, there were inhabitants of Moscow , Saratov, Tver, Tula regions. Presenting membership cards, G.A. Zyuganov said that this year for the first time during the “Stalin’s appeal” more than 10 thousand people joined the party. Then the CPRF leader handed the medal in honor of 130th anniversary of I.V. Stalin to the party and Komsomol activists.
Well-known musical groups, ensembles and aсtors performed for the participants of the solemn event .
Celebrations and commemorations were held in all regions of the country.