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Los comunistas ucranianos crean milicias populares para luchar contra el fascismo

PC Ukraine

Los comités locales del Partido Comunista de Ucrania (PCU) han creado, en las regiones del este del país, milicias populares para luchar contra los neonazis apoyados por la Union Europea, el conocido como Euromaidan. Después de Odessa, Stakhanov, Simferopol y Dnipropetrovsk, el PCU ha organizado milicias en Louhansk y Zaporizhia. Continue reading


Imperio_USAThe current events in Ukraine are getting more and more alarming and dramatic. In a number of regions well-organized radical groups seize local bodies of power by force. It is not simple-hearted proponents of human rights who set a tone, but overt fascist elements. Fans of Hitler are already at power in the Baltic states. Now they are rushing to power in Ukraine. It has come down to banning the activity of the Communist Party of Ukraine in two regions.

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