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Programa del PCFR, programa del renacimiento: “10 pasos hacia una vida decente”

10stepsHacia las elecciones de 2016 el PCFR avanza con el programa de renacimiento económico y espiritual de Rusia. Hoy proponemos al país nuestros enfoques y principios para que mañana se conviertan en leyes del Estado, hechos prácticos del Gobierno de confianza popular e intereses nacionales. Los diez puntos de nuestro programa dibujan una nueva imagen del futuro de la Patria.

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CPRF program: a program of revival: “Ten Steps Toward Life with Dignity”

10stepsThe CPRF is going into the 2016 elections with a program of economic and spiritual revival of Russia. Today we present to the country our approaches and principles so that tomorrow they become the laws of the state, the deeds of the Government of Popular Trust and national interests. Our Ten-Point Program is a new vision of the future of our Motherland.

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XV Congress of the CPRF

XV Congress PCRF Political Report of the Central Committee to the 15th Congress of the CPRF

Preparing for the 15th Party Congress, the Presidium of the CC CPRF has decided to publish for a broad discussion the draft Political Report of the Central Committee to the Party Congress. We invite all the Communists, Party supporters and all the country’s citizens to acquaint themselves with our position on international issues and the internal and foreign policy of Russia. The remarks and proposals made during the discussion will be taken into account in finalizing the document at the Plenary Session of the CC CPRF on the eve of the Congress.

International Department
2013-02-21 14:36

92 CPRF members – parlamentarians send their solidarity and support message to Hugo Chavez [sp.]

Hugo ChavezEstimado compañero Hugo Chávez,

Nosotros, los parlamentarios de la Federación de Rusia (Duma), miembros del Partido Comunista de Rusia, le expresamos a usted nuestro apoyo y deseamos una pronta mejoría. Estamos seguros de vuestra capacidad de resilencia, de sobreponerse a situaciones adversas y salir airoso de ellas.

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G.Zyuganov’ s Article from the Pravda newspaper

Gennady ZyuganovThe Leap Year of the Dragon: Russia Prepares to Resist Plunder

The leap year 2012 is receding into history. The year of the Black Dragon saw the worsening of Russia’s existing problems and brought many new problems. The country’s life during this period was marked by a tough confrontation between two trends. On the one hand, the majority of the Russian people were increasingly wanting to throw off their necks the multitude of parasites who were robbing them and bring about a turn for the better. On the other hand, the current “masters of Russia” went out of their way to continue milking the authorities. The contest of these two trends determined the social and political situation.

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