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СPRF on the election results: Uncontested elections.

 The 2021 Parliamentary Election ended on Sunday demonstrated a compelling success of the CPRF having highlighted its overwhelming support by the Russian society. 

 The Communist Party of the Russian Federation, being the major authentic opposition to the ruling party and widely supported by all strata of the population along with left-patriotic forces has successfully performed with the official result close to 19% of total votes.

We were supported by almost 10 million 661 thousand people. This is the best result of the Communist Party in the present century. The faction of the Communist Party in the State Duma will increase by 15 parliamentarians.

In four regions the CPRF was ahead of the “United Russia” (“UR”). They were: the Republic of Mari El (36 per cent of the CPRF), Yakutia (35 per cent), Khabarovsk Territory and the Nenets Autonomous Region. More than 30% of support our comrades gained in Ulyanovsk and Omsk regions, Altai Krai and the Republic of Altai and Hakassia.

In other 37 regions the results were ranging from 20 to 30 per cent.

In regional legislative elections of 38 regional parliaments the CPRF gained 254 mandates (previously there were 158 ones).

So, the abovementioned results explicitly demonstrate a trend of interception of the initiative away from the “party in power”.

But unfortunately, political stance of a true political power with sufficient support of the population nowadays guarantees no fair result. Despite the statement made by the government spokesman Dmitry Peskov to the press about transparency and honesty of the elections the CPRF faced a substantial resistance from the ruling party and local authorities in getting  fair results.

Seeking for political domination in the Parliament the “party in power” has modified the law related to electoral procedures.

It’s quite obviously that the electoral campaign and the voting itself were artificially extended from September 17th to 19th set up new standards of what once was due process.

The innovative extension of voting up to three days was officially explained by the necessity to stop the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic, but in fact it was used to force the public sector employees to massively “increase” the polling figures of the “UR” party.

Against exit polls data and common sense the United Russia ensured its victory by “other” methods gaining about 50% of the overall votes and so called “constitutional majority” enabling it to control the Parliament. Access to country’s resources and power lust made it extremely inventive as of voting methods and counting.

After radical amendments to the Russian Constitution last July, the ruling regime has launched continuous attacks aimed at elimination of strong competitors from the ranks of the opposition headed by the CPRF as number one.

Thus, five CPRF candidates for the regional Heads were excluded from the voting list under false pretext  and one of them, presidential ex-candidate Pavel Grudinin who was running against V. Putin with about 9 million supporters, was groundlessly brought to trial.

The mainstream media only followed the activities of the “United Russia” candidates deliberately ignoring the opposition.

Besides manipulation with electoral lists, the namesakes of the CPRF candidates were deliberately included in the “UR” lists aiming to confuse the voters.

Another trick invented by the ruling bourgeoisie was electronic voting in the mostly populated regions, crucially important for the “UR”.

Electronic voting removes parties from the electoral process and makes it impossible to control or challenge the results, though adding up significantly to the overall voting figures.

As of 19:00 on September 19th, the average results of the Communist Party in Moscow were comparable to the “United Russia”, but by the next morning the numbers had magically dropped by third or even a half. It is impossible to grow so much in an hour!

Numerous protests and complaints about violation of the electoral legislation have followed the official announcement of the voting results.

The CPRF and thousands of Party supporters all over the country got together picketing against electoral lawlessness of the authorities.

The bourgeois regime, scared with  people’s outrage, attempted to intimidate  CPRF members and supporters by blocking Party premises in some regions, arresting some Party activists and promising to block the website of the CPRF.


CPRF demands cancelation of the electronic voting results as fraud!

CPRF demands fair and open investigation on each violation case!

CPRF demands an immediate stop of persecution of Party members and supporters!


CPRF CC International Department



Nowadays modern mass-media has completely lost its primary informational function being transformed  into an instrument of  propaganda very much effective  for control of public relations as well as for elimination of political competitors.

Practically 99% of the MSM in the Russian Federation, including so called “independent” ones, submit themselves to the authorities.

Increase of demands initiated by Roskomnadzor and appearance of new articles in the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation have led to massive internal censorship of journalists and mass-media.

There is a list of so called prohibited “safe words”, including for example names of national or regional leading politicians which use is allowed only by approval of editor-in-chief or appropriate supervisor. It’s quite obvious that the  CPRF is number 1 on the list considering the result of the drawing of places in the ballot voting paper where the CPRF is at the top of the voting list.

So far, we are still getting a great scope of information from regions about an assistance rendered to the United Russia party by regional and municipal administrations in propagation with use of governmental and municipal  mass-media  and information resources as well as  assistance in holding meetings with voters.

Campaign coverage executed by Mass media is extremely uneven according to the data obtained from the monitoring organisations. Airtime for the “United Russia” activity given by the federal TV channels is greatly bigger  than of all other parties combined.

The latest data shows that the “United Russia” surpassed the aggregate indicators of all other parties by 1.7 times: “United Russia received 90.8 minutes, the “Liberal Democratic Party” – 16.9 minutes, “New People” – 12.7 minutes, the “Communist Party of the Russian Federation” – 10, 7 minutes, the “Just Russia – For the Truth” – 7 minutes, and the “Party of Pensioners” – 3.6 minutes only. All other parties were either not mentioned at all (“RPSS”, “Communists of Russia”) or were mentioned in total less than a minute for the whole week.

Federal media uses all means to denigrate the image of the CPRF and its members hyping the customised negative information from dubious sources, while positive information is deliberately distorted or ignored.

Dissatisfaction with a policy pursued   by the “Party in power’s” has increased the CPRF rating and resulted in another surge of black PR against the Left, who were accused of preparing a new “Maidan”. We are here talking about the authorised (!) meeting of Moscow CPRF candidates for State Duma, headed by Gennady Zyuganov with the voters on Tverskaya street on August 26.

Continuous attacks on some popular CPRF candidates, namely Pavel Grudinin, a serious opponent to the government with his almost 9 million votes in the last presidential elections, led to his exclusion from the Party electoral list. Attempts to challenge the Central Electoral Commission’s decision through the courts are deliberately delayed.

Nevertheless the CPRF continues fighting against injustice and lawlessness. Under the same pretext Secretaries of the CPRF CC S. Obukhov and V.Solovyov, were deprived from the right to participate in the last elections. The former General Prosecutor Skuratov was excluded from the Party list in Buryatia, because of the omission of the word “Professor” in applying documents. He appealed   to the ECHR, which ruled in his favor.

Irkutsk Governor Sergey Levchenko  has doubled the budget in four years from 96 to 213 billion rubles. He reduced illegal logging, forced the local oligarch Deripaska to pay taxes in full scope, and supported public enterprises. The efficiency of regional economy has resulted in his resignation and imprisonment of his son, after demonstration of 150 negative TV spots about him were shown on TV. Still no investigation is on the way.

Valery Bykov, CPRF candidate from Kamchatka was sentenced to 9 years imprisonment on a fabricated case and released only half a year later.

The duplicate candidates, namesakes, are nominated against the CPRF with the only goal to confuse the voters. For the same purpose several small so-called communist parties have been fabricated.

All  the CPRF complaints about violations of the law remain unanswered.

All of the above mentioned “tricks” finally discredit both the electoral system as well as the government.

CPRF CC International Department