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G.Zyuganov”s Article about NATO

Gennady Zyuganov
Chairman CC CPRF
NATO: Wolf in a Sheep’s Skin
Why should Russia join the North Atlantic Alliance?
Against the background of the global crisis into which Russia was sucked deeper than other leading countries dangerous new phenomena can be observed in the policy of our country’s leadership. I am referring to plans of further sell-off of strategic enterprises, commercialization of education, healthcare and culture and the drive to bring Russia into the World Trade Organization.

93-d anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution in Moscow

The 93-d anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution has been widely celebrated by mass rallies and demonstrations throughout Russia from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad. Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets under the slogans: “Lenin! Stalin! Victory!”, “Long live the Great October!”, “For the friendship of peoples and the solidarity of the working people!”, “Long live the socialist revolution!”

CPRF sends its Condolences

To the Paraguayan Communist Party Central Committee
Dear Comrades,
With deep sorrow did we learn on the death of comrade Ananias Maidana.
True communist-revolutionary passed away, whose whole life was dedicated to the fight for freedom, democracy and the rights of ordinary people. A. Maidana was a great friend of the Soviet people. We will always remember the distinguished son of the Paraguayan people, a true internationalist.
Please convey our sincere condolences to relatives of Ananias Maidana, to all Paraguayan Communists.
Presidium of the CPRF Central Committee
Moscow, November 8, 2010