Informe político del Comité Central al ХVII Congreso del PCFR

XVII Congress of the CPRF¡Estimados delegados e invitados del Congreso!

Queda atrás el período de balance cuyo inicio fue dado por el XV Congreso del partido. La etapa finalizada fue marcada por los acontecimientos muy importantes y, a veces, muy dramáticos. Ha llegado la hora de hacer el balance de la labor de cuatro años y señalar los nuevos hitos. 

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Political Report of the Central Committee to the XVII Congress of the CPRF

XVII Congress of the CPRFDelegates and guests of the Congress,

We have left behind us the report period for which the start was made by the XV Congress. This stage was full of highly important, sometimes dramatic events. The time has come to review the results of the work over the past four years and set new benchmarks.

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To the delegates of the 37th Congress of the Communist party of Sweden

Dear comrades!

The Presidium of the Central Committee of the Communist party of the Russian Federation warmly greets the delegates to the 37th Congresses of the Communist party of Sweden, all members of the party, its allies and supporters.
Your congress takes place in uneasy atmosphere, when international situation in the world has been aggravating, and the hardest economic crisis covering all countries of the world.
Pursuing a policy of austerity neoliberal governments transfer the consequences of economic crisis to the shoulders of the working people, keep on actively offending their rights.
This hard time you have not only to sum up your activity for past years, but also to take the decisions strengthening party positions and uniting the working class under its banners.
We highly appreciate the contribution of your party to strengthening international co-operation of communist and workers’ parties.
We congratulate the Communist party of Sweden with the centennial and express confidence that in the future as well your party will consistently advocate establishment of genuine democracy, improvement of workers’ rights, our common ideals and socialism.

We wish the 37th Congresses of the Communist party of Sweden a successful work!

CPRF CC Presidium

Rumbo al centenario de la Revolución de Octubre

El año 2017 entrará en la historia de la Humanidad bajo el signo del Centenario de la Gran Revolución Socialista de Octubre. ¡Esta es la convicción de los comunistas rusos! ¡Así piensan todas las personas progresistas de la Humanidad!

Los acontecimientos en octubre de 1917 no solamente estremecieron al mundo por su grandioso alcance sino también sentaron una amplia base de desarrollo gradual, sostenible y del avance del mundo hacia la eliminación de la explotación del hombre por el hombre y la construcción de una sociedad equitativa, hacia el socialismo. 

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Towards the centenary of the October Revolution

The year 2017 will go down in history as the year of the centenary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. This is the opinion of Russian communists. This is what all progressive humankind thinks.

The events of October 1917 did not only shake the world by their sheer scale and grandeur, but laid the foundation for sustained, consistent development and progress of the world towards destroying exploitation of man by man, the building of a just society and socialism.

By giving its answers to the formidable challenges of the 20th century the Great October Revolution proved to the world the right of socialism to exist.

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                                      Dear comrades!

The CPRF Central Committee warmly welcomes the delegates to the 27th Congress of the Japanese Communist Party, all its members, allies and supporters.

Your congress is a very important event in the history of the Party, it is the stage for evaluation of results and determination of further strategy and tactics of fight for the rights and interests of the working people.   

We are sincerely  happy about the achievements of your Party during the last elections which demonstrated support of many voters for the policy pursued by it as well as its pre-election programme.  

The CPRF highly appreciates the progressive foreign policy of the Japanese Communist Party aimed at the complete prohibition of nuclear arms and establishment of the fair world order based on the principles of the UN.

We express our solidarity with your fight for peace and rights of the working people, for our general ideals, for socialism.

Dear comrades,

We wish the 27th Congress of  the Japanese Communist Party  a successful work. We are sure that Congress decisions will support the strengthening of Party ranks and its authority in the world,  allow to intensify your fight for the rights of working class, for social justice.



                                                                  CPRF CC Presidium