Bessonov’s case


Dear comrades!
We are glad to inform you about some positive result in the so-to-speak “Bessonov’s case” which is in fact a politically motivated illegal prosecution of our comrade Vladimir Bessonov, a Communist Member of Parliament of the Russian Federation. Yesterday the court decided to return the “case” to the Prosecutor for mistakes corrections. Continue reading

The Heritage of the Great October Revolution and the Tasks of the CPRF


[Report in Español - English and  Russian

Herencia revolucionaria del Gran Octubre y las tareas del PCFR

(Informe del Presidente del CC del PCFR ZIUGANOV al Pleno del CC de marzo de 2015)

Estimados camaradas: 

Se acerca el 100 aniversario del acontecimiento más destacado del siglo XX Continue reading

El Partido Comunista de la Federación de Rusia solidariza con la revolución Bolivariana de Venezuela

Venezuela_bolivariana-KPRFAl Presidente
de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela
Líder del Partido Socialista Unido
de Venezuela
Al camarada Nicolás Maduro

El año 2014 entrará a la historia de la República Bolivariana de Venezuela como el tiempo de rechazo de los encarnizados ataques, tanto internos como externos, de las fuerzas reaccionarias en contra de la Constitución del país, en un intento por derrocar a través de la vía violenta al Gobierno legítimo y democráticamente electo. Continue reading

War crimes of the armed forces and security forces of Ukraine: torture of the Donbass region resident

Crimenes de Guerra en UcraniaPHOTOGRAPHS ON THE COVER

From the top down:

• students holding the EU flag on the EuroMaidan (source: TASS);

• Ukrainian policemen on fire after a Molotov cocktail attack by supporters of the EuroMaidan (source: TASS);

• Maidan self-defense units’ using the symbol of the SS Panzer Division Das Reich Continue reading

Gennady Zyuganov’s open letter to the citizens of Russia: Put an end to anti-Sovietism, disarm Russia’s enemies!

Guennadi Ziuganov[Article in  English -  Español  and  Russian

My fellow citizens, comrades, friends,

Our Motherland is facing a great challenge. A fratricidal military flame is blazing next to its borders. “The Western partners,” taking advantage of the situation they have themselves created in Ukraine, are blaming everything on Russia and are building a common front against our country. Their heralds are openly talking about a new Cold War and the need to teach Russia obedience.  Continue reading