To the Central Committee of the German Communist party


Dear comrades!

 The Presidium of the Central Committee of the Communist party of the Russian Federation warmly greets the delegates to the 22nd Congresses of the German Communist party, all members of the party, and its friends. 

Your congress takes place in the anniversary year under pressure of uneasy international situation  and  hard economic crisis.

Pursuing a policy of austerity neoliberal governments transfer the consequences of economic crisis to the shoulders of the working people, keep on actively offending their rights.

This hard time the DCP along with fraternal parties strongly opposes such inhuman policy  its voice heard to support the right of common people.

We highly appreciate the contribution of your party to strengthening international co-operation of communist and workers’ parties and express confidence that in the future it will consistently advocate establishment of genuine democracy, improvement of workers’ rights,  our common ideals and socialism.  

We wish the 22 Congresses of the German Communist party  a successful work!



                                                                  CPRF CC Presidium 

To the Central Committee of the Paraguayan Communist Party



                                            Dear Comrades! 

Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation warmly greets the Paraguayan Communist Party, all its members, allies and supporters with its 90th Anniversary.  

Your Party, being one of the oldest in the region, has always been at the forefront of the struggle for socialism, uniting various segments of the nation.

For many decades since its creation, the Party was in an illegal position and was subjected to severe persecution by the government and reactionary forces, but even in the underground did not stop fighting for the political and social interests of the working people, for our common ideals, for socialism.

Your Party is always actively involved in international life. Delegations of the Paraguayan Communist Party are participating in the international meetings of Communist and worker’s parties, contributing to the development of forms of communication and cooperation between fraternal parties. 

 We wish the Paraguayan Communist Party success in strengthening Party ranks, enhancing its authority in society and further intensifying the struggle for workers ‘ rights and social justice.

With fraternal greetings,                                                                   


                                                         Presidium of the CPRF CC

Letter of support and solidarity


Comrade Gennady Zyuganov

First Secretary

Communist Party of the Russian Federation  

23 January 2018 


Dear Comrade Zyuganov, 


The Executive Committee of the Communist Party of Britain sends its best wishes to the Communist Party of the Russia Federation for the success of Comrade Grudinin in the forthcoming presidential elections.

His programme of restoring public ownership in key areas of the economy, ensuring the provision of social welfare, tackling poverty and rooting out corruption is one that resonates with working people across the world. 

We wish the CPRF every success is raising the flag of socialism for the peoples of the Russian Federation.


With our warm comradely greetings


General Secretary



Zhores Alfyorov: Socialism Will Be Back

Russia has become a country of rent-seekers, with millions of people living off the sale of natural resources.

My father joined the RSDLP (B) in September of 1917 and, being a member of the regimental and division Soldiers’ Committees, was sent from the front to Petrograd where he heard Lenin speak on October 26.He would later tell us about it.

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